The Distance From Earth To Sun (2020)


                               We use our hands as a non verbal and universal form of communication – body

                                   language. Not too dissimilar to how other species use prehensile limbs to

                                                            communicate and grasp their environment.


       This work introduces a shared mythology between animals, humans, the Earth and the Sun with the intent of

                           scaling down our human-centrism and reframing our perspective of non-human agents.

       The audience is guided by my voice to participate in a collective choreography with their hands - through                                                                                      embodied forms and spoken word.


1. vida digna de ser vivida , Phytorio Art Space, Nicosia CY, 21st December Greenhouse Space,
Intervals of the piece within a Performance Lecture, 30 minutes

The guided intervals were extracted from this performance lecture and were performed
separately from the research for the following performances.Light and choreography were developed in every subsequent performance.

2. Slade Performance Evening, Bloomsbury Theatre, London UK, 6th and 7th February 2020
Proscenium Arch Theatre, 10 minute excerpt

3. As part of ‘Intimacy Spills’ Exhibition, Barbican Arts Group Trust - ArtWorks Project Space,
London UK
White Cube Space, 10 minute excerpt

4. As part of ‘As If ‘ Transparent Things Exhibition, Goldsmiths CCA, London UK, February 29th
Gallery Space, 20-30 minutes full length