In 2 2 and a half 2 to 300 years he’ l carve into the earths equator,

 layered with  tiles that add up to a cetacean. 

Between an archeologist, a paleontologist, a marine biologist existsis ist is 

t is 

my fffar there pronouced there S s why

I’d rather you’d listen that
                                            a whale at the core of T 

his circumference has
toes bent and hold bend whole from 

the welt of the pool 

and back my f eet, trim the air horizontally to 52 feet breaches tipped to 

30 tonnes mmmbent.

 Horizontally, to jump. I assume the posture of a dancing palm listen to where th E 

 my tongue red sponge is hoisted out and marries its tip with the joints of the magicians hand.

Who the hammer hits the trumpet smack an ear. Lobe swallowed O into a foot 

Of,                      flow 

in the flukes arteries and velveteen veins

marmalades to conserve or release heat clay builds and velvet spreads deliquace to emboss         a fossil bed. 

sO as to fill full a negative space andfabricate a whale's footprint. 

when a whales tail leaves on an upward stroke from the water, it flicks its fluke back downward impressing a clean layer onto the surface of the ocean. 

when baleine Ene does not surface himself he instead lends us a temporal float. 

A ,
An inflatable. vowel. 

to know of his momentary presence. 

Following the series of 'footprints' , on the f under O we search to find an E. 

Lyell between when a tree falls into a river from an undermining of the banks, or from being washed in by a torrent or flood, it floats on the surface, not because the woody portion is specifically lighter than water, but because it is full of pores containing air. 

When soaked for a considerable amount of time the water makes its way into these pores . 

The muscle around the eye of a whale becomes water -logged and sinks. The time required for this process varies differently in different woods, but several kinds may be drifted to great distances, sometimes across the ocean before they lose their buoyancy. 

The effect of this impregnation was is to in.

 The geology of a back of a shell is buoyant when full of water. 

now a boat jardine is rendered useless.

C impregnated with sea.water sank in the water like a stone 

Whale drops turned to an exposed ear. 

Every solid inch having increased one twentieth in size allows carbon dioxide to be pulled out of the air by lets say plankton, in which whales feed on, then. 

Because of the whale falls they will take that carbon with them and it will end up at the bottom of the sea floor. 

The hood, the wones and borns of these mammals are found sound and entire , they can no longer remain in differ, broken down and recycled the whales molecular components become a source of a food, and home for other animals. 

On digging into the earth such quantities of shell, beneath the oral cavity of this boatbut hangs, an ear as big as man 330 lngths pairs of concreting ngg cheeks and salt water stables. s                                                                                      E

an unexpected descend of a mouth angled obtuse from sinking about fifteen inches square a staircase, happened to fall over board and though it originally consisted of the lightest fir. 

Trust my eyes will lead you to know where to look where, with his eyes. 

Such intelligence of sight has he, when he can not hear what is being said. 

Constrained to contact one another in what residual pockets are left, he cannot help but still answer the call. 

The effect of the voice exposes a convoluted speech in attempt to locate an ecosystem , a place outside the polis. 

Seeking ecological refuge, have this large mass of body, the ability to accept any other place as home? 

A gesture conversing through frequencies of anonymity to our ears.

We home the land of O other. 

Since turned into nothing but a gigantic ear,one must allow twenty one twenty fifths in weight of wood to be a sufficient voice for a house. 

A filter for a house. 

The moment it expired it began to sink in an unusual circumstance, which was found to be caused by the weight of the sunken boat which still remained attached to it.

1000 to 1 flooded burials.

The last to use the lavatory lets a falling sea. proncounced C falling E e. 

If you rest you can hear the whales in the drain pipes ,you can hear them at night - thats when the flushing stops. 

Spaces of silence allow such confrontation with the rules exposed and vulnerable to what is coming from the exterior.
a shrinkage came of everything else in the being; the whale 

Whale For An Ear,  2017