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Whale For An Ear




   As part of STOP PLAY RECORD programme

Produced by the ICA in association with Chisenhale Gallery

and partnership with Channel 4 Random Acts, Funded by Arts Council UK

The film is an abstract representation of the ocean and how it resonates with an idea of home. Placing my father, a Northern Cypriot refugee and amateur magician, at the centre of the work, the film brings in to question reality and  fiction. Spoken narration weaves together anatomical descriptions of whales, ecological facts and poetry; whilst animated segments explore the surfaces of three objects - a fragment of driftwood and two shells, found on a beach in San Francisco. These renderings allow us to shift our perception of these objects and experience them as both body and site. The drain pipes lining the architecture of my home denote a liminal space that sieve autobiographical narrative, myth and scientific fact, and become gateways between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. I take apart the process of rendering a relic, to excavate micro narratives in scaled out measurements of faux fossils. Archiving an antiquity that does not in its entirety represent the bathymetry of our Grandfathers ocean terrain.













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