When Foucault Gave Me Flowers  - Presentation Of Work In Progress 

As part of  Next Choreography Festival 2016 at Siobhan Davies Dance

Concept & Direction : Korallia Stergides

A Collaboration with Performer ( Trumpet ) : Adam Paul Paroussos 

Originally performed by Hannah Mason, Pinelopi Kefou & Lauren Wagland

Dancers in film : Ruby Embley, Laura Burns, Ines Zinho Pinheiro, Zara Sands

DOP : Alessandro Schneider

An extension of my thesis Poetics Of Process, this piece is an investigation of my concept of the third body as the trace of the relationship of a gesture, in an exchange. Taking the literary image of my garden and inverting it within the architecture of Siobhan Davies Dance I aim to orchestrate a cross-over of dialogues between a series of intermittent tableaux’s that rest in the residual pockets of the space and the sound of brass leaking through transitory containers such as the elevator, the entrance, stairs, toilet etc.